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Olin T. Binkley Memorial Baptist Church


1712 Willow Dr.

Chapel Hill, NC27514


GPS position

N35º55'49.36"; W79º01'30.63"

N35.930378º; W79.025175º


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VERY IMPORTANT: Some map programs show the location on the wrong side of US15/501. Make sure your GPS or map program show position as the picture shown in the PDF file.


It is at the corner of US15/501 and Willow Dr. intersection, west of US15/501 and south of Willow Dr. Same side as the University Mall. When you enter the Willow Dr. from US15/501, immediately turn into the drive way on your left. Enter from the SOUTH side of church (Univ. Mall side) as showed on the pictures. You will see a big wood cross on the yard, enter from the door on right side of the cross (the rose garden side).